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ahhh what a full on two weeks. working full time and being in graduate school wasn't that bad last semester, but this semester i swear there is no getting ahead. Last week i had a full on week at work... lot of bacteria to grow and people to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia... yeah! i was sooo looking forward to the weekend.. then thursday came i went to class and found out that i forgot i had weekend class...

yikes 12+ hour of class over three days is just exhausting... plus after a full week of work... and then its just straight back into another full on week of work and assignments and "ahhhh!" i mean i totally love the subject that we are studying it just is like "wow, i need to be on my a-game or i am going to just be in the mist of epic fail" thanx be to jesus i have good friends here and we have set up a very helpful.. texting circle of "did you notice this assignment due date" ... saved my butt a few times it has (said in my most authentic yoda voice!)

that being said THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY! i have just walked in the door from work and tho i do have a mountain of books to read and a paper to write this weekend... i have 65 hours before i have to walk through the doors of work again... i get to go to a birthday party tomorrow night (yeah!)

i've schedule a bubble bath and beer for later on that night...

and plan on watching a good amount of disney cartoons... ahhh i love the weekend... i live for the weekend...

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I went past Guildford on the train today and thought of you :)

January 31, 2010 at 12:25 AM

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