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so i know this is going to sound sooo sad. but i was watching "The Hills" the other day (such a guilty pleasure of mine) and i was just wondering, like what if people just really don't care about any of the things I care about...

and not in a mean "i'm out to make the world a shittier place" sort of way... but just in a "i don't have a clue... almost innocent" sort of way

these guys and girls that are on this show are not bad people, the reality is that they are totally relatable (in a really "i have way to much money" sorta of way) and as I watched them party it up in Hollywood's finest, i was like "they really never even consider life besides the life they are living"

I doubt any of them would be interested in knowing the turmoil or poverty that riddles africa, or that America has a serious sex trafficking issue, or that more then ever there is a monstrous gap between the worlds rich and the worlds poor.

I don't mean this in any way as a slam to them, but I realized that if you asked any of them what they thought of words like "Justice, Development, Sustainability, Peace, Globalization, or Community" they would mostly struggle ... if they even cared enough to try... to define them.

What are we doing to help people who's worlds are so far removed from the devastating realities of our world "snap back to reality"?

For people who's world are wrapped up in designer bags, hot night clubs, stirring up drama, dating bad boys, and working for fashion companies, and taking random vacation to Hawaii... are there even any out lets for them to try? I'm serious!! for them to survive that world they have to be completely absorbed in that life... i was shocked to realize the commitment they all make... I often time looked at "those people" as just the uncommitted lazy pampered elite upper class... but i just thought the other day... how many times do they even brush up against the truth? how often is it presented to them in a way that would let them baby step in and include a bit of truth in their lives?

When you've got girls that are spending thousands of dollars on hand bags... making them plunge into an activist role just isn't very likely!

but these people have influence, these people have power, these people have money...

My life is short and i think to myself "i want to make the greatest impact while i am here"... what if i stopped trying to help the poor by serving the poor... and what if i started helping the poor by serving the rich? what would that look like!?!?

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