Rain Heavy Rain

Posted by Teen Bean

In an attempt to avoid home work i have done.... nothing... all day long. I tried to pay my taxes, but lost a form, so can't do that until the person that reissues them is in the office (wednesday!?!).

that beings said i have been freezing all day. It has been raining in seattle (awwright!)

i think maybe a bit of music would help motivate me to engaged in some good old fashion studying....

but the ipod is on the other side of the room and that would require me standing up!

i also have an overwhelming seems of nervousness.... it feels weird and i am not really sure what it is rooted in?

finals? practiucm? possible moving? papers? presentations? added responsibilities at work? steve coming to visit? going home to see my family?

i think it might be a little bit of everything... all the little things have all the sudden started feeling very heavy indeed!

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