maybe the world isn't so bad?

Posted by Teen Bean

so the boys at work know how to make a girl happy...

"food speaks louder then words!" paired with the "the way to Tina's heart is through her tummy" made my surprize at work so meaningful! wink wink.

for no reason what so ever one of the guys i work with brought me subway today! probably because i rave about how much i love their veggie sandwiches and the reality that you can pair sun chips wit this delight... ahhh

and that he remembered all my favorite made this very evening a surprise and joy!

but what was even cooler was that as i munched on my lovelies i noticed that both the water bottle that i was drinking out of and the chip bag i was eating from had statement about how they were going green. Dansani... which is a product owned by coca-cola has introduced plantbottles... which are 100% recyclable bottle that are made in large part from plant materials.

I then glanced down at my sunchips bag and noticed that it to was sporting a 100% compostable package. it was even more fun to get on the sunchip website and see that they as a company are looking into ways of encouraging environmental sustainability and innovative projects (ahh i'm finding a passion that is becoming close to my heart).

so as i finished licking the last of my finger and polishing off every crumb of my unexpected snack... i found myself even more pleased with the unexpected positive reality of big corporations taking the time to care a little bit more about the world we live in... it was all i ever asked! little dreams coming true! wink wink

love ya boys!

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