Easter Marathon

Posted by Teen Bean

ahhh so i had a bit of a marathon celebrating Easter this year.

normally i spend the holiday with family and i was a bit sad that i couldn't go home... so i decided to just get out and about and see all the different ways people celebrate Easter.

it started Maundy Thursday ... in the way i spend all my thursdays in class... taking an exam

then on friday night in and around reading and writing papers i went to a friend Emily's friend Charity's house for a communion and a foot washing....

yeah communion was about bring out best before God so emily brought us Cheesecake factory cheese cake... ooo man was it good!!!
then holy saturday it was all about homework and Catholic mass at Saint John Vianney Parish... after reading a book "Globalization, Spirituality, and Justice" by a Catholic Priest Groody, i actually was able to really enjoy and appreciated the rituals and symbols... i cried like a baby it was beautiful and by candle light!!!

and then sunday morning bright and early i got up for Easter breaky!!!

and even met a new friend named Lilly who happened to take a liking to my ever amazing shades! (i think she sports them better then i do! wink wink!)

and then it was back to reading, writing, and finishing school papers! woopie!!! only 5 days until stevie comes!

heart heart beanie!

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