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So i didn't realize how even in the way i take myself to work how individualistic i am. I spout off all the time about how "community be where its at" ... but on closer examination i find that in loads of way my actions do not support community living but individualism.

I go to work 5 days out of the week... and up until this point, i have zoomed there in my not so little car. Its fast, its convenient, and i get to crank my music as loud as I want.

due to a series of misfortune events, my car was inaccessible for a few days and I was forced to take the bus. Public transportation? Seriously!?!?! I'm American... we don't do that.

so i was completely impressed by the community that I have encounter simply on the bus. Every night at 1015 pm I'm standing in Bus Bay B along with some growing familiar faces.

Every morning as i get off work at 6am, I'm running to the express bus stop, to again meet city commuter all united in the simple purpose of traveling together... (does this sound like a practical way of living out that 'journey with people idea'?) As i greet people in the morning and hear little bits of their stories, how they started working in the city, how long they have used the buses, what books they are reading, the non-profit organization they work for... its a little glimpse into their world. It also makes it so much easier when i sit down to pray for Seattle to have specific types of people to pray for... lawyers that work at non-profits, engineers that work for the city, teachers that inspire today's youth, young people attending school...

all in all, its like this bus adventure was God working out a really practical way of me stepping more into my community and being more about that community living I keep yapping about.

plus sense this month i am on such a "lets be socially responsible and take care of the earth kick".. public transport is like uber times better for the environment and way more cost efficient.

Bus adventures for life!

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So now that you have ur car back are you still taking the bus?

May 27, 2010 at 10:58 PM

hahaha no i love taking the bus... well its a bit annoying when it runs late... but otherwise i like it!

June 1, 2010 at 5:13 AM

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