Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Posted by Teen Bean

Yeh!!! I love Cinco De Mayo! the parties, the margaritas, the NACHOS!!!!

all in all going out for mexican food was amazing... it was a bit chilly as you can see... i was personally all wrapped up in a blanket... but the guac and salsa was amazing... and the food here was amazingly cheap!

so even tho my feet went numb by the end of dinner.. ... TOTALLY WORTH IT!

plus i got to hang out with tiffo... who pretty much is amazing! Thanx Tiff Tiff for putting this togethz!

p.s. i had to go straight to work after this, so i didn't get to celebrate with a margaritas... so i'm thinking this weekend should totally be a redo! it's only fair... you can't celebrate a mexican holiday and leave out the margaritas!!!!

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