how was that two weeks!?!?!?

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so wow time flies when you are having fun!

12 days ago hannah and claire arrive with there little tired english faces. we spent a glorious week exploring ever shopping venue with in the greater seattle area... as well as fitting in a bit of time to see the sights. my favorite day was probably going to the mall one day and randomly deciding that we would be super heros known as "tripod"... its seem most fitting when i naturally yelled out to claire across a shop "T1 we are ready to go" ahh the beauty of robotic super hero nick names... plus we came up with a pretty sweet arm gang sign... TRIPOD!

then clairie had to go home. :(

it was a sad day... hannah and i just kept watching claire walk away being like "seriously? she is going?"

we consoled ourselves by getting Taco Bell... yum...

Then this week has just flown by... we spent a day hanging about in seattle... hannah and i got pretty and went out in Capitol Hill .. which might i add was very complimentary to our outfits... wink da la wink!

then we drove down to moses lake... prolly the worse expression of an american camp ground i ever did lay eyes on... but camping still the same. the best and worst moment... "the sun bit my face"

haha so i got a little over excited about the sun being out and stay out a bit long... and came back a little crispy! and i dragged poor hannah along too... and you know how english fair in the sun... double sad face!

but we managed to fill the rest of the weekend with tree climbing, card games, camp fires, running spoons, rolling down hill, eating s'mores, and adding vodka to english tea (say wot!?!? yes it happened... and it taste oooo so good!)

then monday we woke are little selves up early and headed back and were shocked to find that traffic back was not the nightmare that had been described to us. so hannah and i were able to get all the laundry done, eat green pizza, find ice cream, go shopping, facebook, and figure out that according to the stars, Steve and I are a good match (thank God!).

Profound questions of these last two weeks:

Claire: How do you zoom this camera?

Tina: Is this chocolate suppose to taste like foot fungus?

Claire: What are the different ways eggs come?

Emergent Church Group: If you were going to lead a church what would it do?

Hannah: Are you putting vodka in your tea?

Jess: Is it more biblical to be single or to be married?

Hannah: What did that guy say at the fire... why do you always have to be the retarded kid?

Tina: Is there fair trade make-up?

Tina: Can you see up the trolls nose?

Jello-Shot man at neighboring campsite: Do you have dogs in england?

Mexian man at campfire: want to green?

Tina: Where is 608 Summit?

Tina: Where are all the buses?

Tina: Why are there no buses?

Tina: Why is this bus going that way?

Tina: Why do good-byes have to suck so much???

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hahaha my fave is the Mexi[c?]an man at campfire!! I'll have to give the tea/vodka a go. Sounds like a diplomatic recipe indeed!

June 3, 2010 at 3:06 PM

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