good day!

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ahhh it was a really good day today.

i went this morning to look at a potential "community house" ... i absolutely fell in love with it... but you know, we are just trying not latch on. But it was just this perfectly charming apt. It is in this big 1900s house. The house has been broken down into 9 different units... we looked at a 3 bedroom apt and then a 4 bedroom unit that was in the back ... as the "servant house" mwahahahaha!

but it just felt like such a good vibe to a community. Tiffany and I both were laughing and bubbling the whole way through the apartment tours and are so excited by the potential. Even as the renter was telling us about our potential neighbor we were smiling ear to ear... a group of girls working with americore, a single mom with two kids, and a guy that runs a half way house for drug addicts... we put in an application and sent out appropriate e-mails so here is hoping.

then i got to go to a creativity lesson... This guy Rob Gregerson, that I met through a random matrix of connections, is teaching me the are of discovering my creativity. It was one of the best experiences! We talked about how there is this essense in each one of us that wants to flow out of us. He likened it to water. He said this potential "water" that wants to flow out of us is creativity and prayer!!! how amazing is that!

we then talked about how important it is to remember that we are called to be vessels and that, even more importantly, we are called to be these transparent vessels that simple show who God is through us! it was absolutely brilliant.

It was so helpful and I left there kinda scared and sooo excited. I have homework to do these "Morning Pages" where in the morning I have to write a full pages of just any, and everything, that is on my mind... no matter how crazy, weird, messed up, it is... we practiced as well and it was intense... i ended up writing loads of questions and fears i have about love... which is soo interesting.

then i had to go to the east side and see about getting my car fixed... I got a 99¢ chicken burrito from taco bell!!! yum! then had the honor of driving home in rush hour traffic... so yeh for the warm sun and a loud radio...

then i called my mom... had a little chit chat! then wrote a paper... and now i am off to work!

holllahhhh out for wednesdays... they be good! ;)

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