the sun

Posted by Teen Bean

i don't know about you, but the sun makes me 100% happier. I had to take the bus to class today and normally the bus ride is a free opportunity to just check out of thinking and life.

but today it was so much fun being on the bus. the sun was so amazing, and the way it just covered everything in happiness had me laughing out loud... seriously!

the most amazing was realizing that the 520 bridge has these amazing little canals that are covered with lilly pads... and i saw people canoeing! i really have decided that one of my summer adventures is to figure out how i can rent a canoe and go on one of these said adventures! i love how much the sun makes me actually see the nature that normally I just let blur by...


oh and steve comes in 19 days, so i am pretty much exploding with excitement!!!

p.s. i found some goggles while i was walking through the park and have decided they are my new summer look... wore them to class and everything... wink wink!


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