Dear Transit 09/10

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once upon a time there were four girls... they all lived in a big house... in the center of a not so big town. they came to do something big, but loads of times they felt like they just stood still.


The longer they lived in that house together, the more "doing big" took from them. first sweat, then tears, then blood.

But doing also gave. It surprised the girls, because each had to do in a way they never had before. The leader had to serve, the silent had to speak, the loud had to be silent, the servant had to lead. but through their weaknesses, they learned prayer brought Power.

at first it was hard to find that rhythm of Power. The Power always seemed to ask the opposite of what each girl felt like she was able to give. The Power push them, it stretch them, it formed them... and before each girl knew it... their weaknesses became theirs strengths.

and in a moment they realized they were called to fight.... to the most holy of battles.

their identity no longer as observers, but as warriors. their battle position... on their knees.

their duty

to defend
to protect
to recover...

the broken, the forgotten, the hurt, the abused, the lonely.... not only in deed but in SPIRIT!

Day and night they did not leave their post, but faith they lived through victories and defeat. They realied on each others encouragement to spur them on and each battle strengthened and motived them. They covered much ground, they claimed many. But there was so much more to do!

Soon their post became a place. a shelter. a home.

the broken their friends, the forgotten their loved ones, the hurt their allies, the abused their support, the lonely their family. When the girls saw they would be called to other battles in other places they gathered.... this time for the future of what they hoped and dreamed for their home...

and as in times before, they called out, but this time for faithful replacements, for stronger forces, for MORE!

their prayers became Power and each girl gentle let go...

and they came... the new, the faithful, the strong, The More! Six all together... and they did not hesitate in grabbing the opportunities that had been laid before them...

battles were fought, time moved on.

and one day, on the back of a gale force wind, each of the four girls, in their new battles, in their new places, in their new homes, heard the echos of a great celebration. And on the twirling wind they heard the whispers of what The 6 More had done. How they had honored the work of the four girls and more genuinely reflected the Power..... how The 6 More had been great warriors and had served their post, their cause, their home well! The broken were mended, the forgotten remembered, the hurt healed, the abused cared for, the lonely welcomed. The four girls were amazed by how The 6 More had done even bigger then they had ever hopped or imagined!

and as each of the girls knelt to do battle in their new post, they were encouraged, inspired, and motivated by the lives of The 6 More.... and they called out "Well done, Well done" in which the very heavens replied "My good and faithful servants!"

(this photo was taken by Alana Wiens, I stole it from her fb)

thank you so much transit 09/10 for being faithful in your lives and beautifully reflecting the prayers of MORE that Carla, Gemma, Charl, and I cried out for! you have blessed us so much! and you have no idea how incredible it is to see my prayers, for real, being lived!

oh and if it already hasn't been said "you better effing hold on, because God has even MORE! this is only the beginning!"

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Thanks Tina!! Wow its amazing how we've been able to stay in touch with all 4 of you previous Transit students throughout the year...almost as though you were actually around here with us still!! Cheers....much love :P

June 30, 2010 at 1:42 AM

Wow what an amazing story! And what a privalige it is to be a part of it! Thank you.

God has blessed you 4 girls by helping laying out the path for others to walk in. Can't wait myself to hear of what God has done and will be doing in another year in Stanford!!

Blessings to You

June 30, 2010 at 11:01 AM

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