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so once a year... as every good health professional knows.... its good to do a little spring cleaning. i had a think about it and decided to do a nice and simple Raw Food Body Detox!

the process shall cleanse my liver and allow me to more easily digest food and provided appropriate nutrition to my body. The first day of only eating raw fruits and veggies has been intense. i kept being like "i'm still hungry"...

we are talking about a girl that normally gets her fill on dairies and breads.... hmmm being satisfied just from mother earth!?!?! is it possible!!!???

this also got me to wondering about how spiritually i could do with a little detox as well.... which then brought up the topic of fasting... i think i do fasting wrong. because i was realizing today, as i was body detoxing and as hungry as hell, that i was fasting from certain favorites... like CHEESE! to give my body a little jump start into healthy mode... but was also being allowed to eat as many veggies and fruits as i wanted.

i always struggle eating veggies... but give me fruit and i am one happy girl. This got me to thinking. I really should fast something, but choose something i really like doing, but never get around to doing as my added in "free for all"... now i just gotta think what i wanna do... hmmmm

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