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so it all started very innocently with laundry.... well there really is nothing innocent about my laundry... the evil way it just stacks ups week after week and becomes a hideous monster is just pure evil...

but I digress...

so there i was in the laundry room. two massive loads of laundry finally done and out of the dryer. I really should consider myself blessed to live in the basement because the coin washer/dyers are just a few doors down... but i still find it annoying that i have to take my laundry down there... oh the day that i own a washing machine again!


so as i was piling these two loads of laundry chin high into my laundry basket, i was patting myself on the back for being able to make this trip back to my apartment in one go... as i went to leave the laundry room i was caught in a bit of a conundrum. All of my body was focusing on teetering and compacting my laundry into a much to small laundry basket... but i needed to shut off the laundry room light and shut the door...

i decided then and there that the best plan of action would be to use my face to shut off the light switch... one simple swoop in and i was hooked... LITERALLY! my nose ring caught on the light switch and in an effort to release myself i ended up yanking it, along with a bit of my flesh, out!

ahhhhhhh, laundry down, nose ring out, blood everywhere (ok there really wasn't blood everywhere, but it felt like there should be blood everywhere!!!)

Laundry abandoned, I ran back to my apartment, sure as anything, that my nose would be a mangled mess of blood and ripped cartilage... but thanks to the sweet baby Jesus (who coincidentally i believe grew up being fully man/fully God and who completed three year of ministry before he was murdered, raised, and is now reigning in heaven, all for the restoration of the world's (i.e. my) sins).... where was i in this story!?!? ah yes so... my nose was not as bad as it felt... there was blood to be sure, but the hole in my nose was of normal size... thanx to my lucky stash of spare facial jewelry I had an new ring in and it is as good as new...though it has gotten a bit red and is very much tender to the touch....


all in the name of LAUNDRY... see, i told you, my laundry is evil... pure evil!

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R.W. High  

OH NO! And I read this as I'm literally about to embark on said journey of evil myself. At least I have my own washing machine (and no facial jewelry!)

PS Glad you're ok
PPS I'm sure you're the only one who could steer a frantic convo about laundry off onto an illuminating testimony of Christ lol. PreachIt :D

July 1, 2010 at 2:01 PM

lol...or maybe it is the facial jewelry that is evil...the laundry didn't actually hurt you. ;)

July 1, 2010 at 5:05 PM

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