Hello and Good-byes!

Posted by Teen Bean

This summer has been such a weird summer of really excited, really bummed, really happy, and really sad.

I am really excited for all my classmates and the adventures we are all going on this summer. A part of my program is that we have two months this summer to go and experience other cultures and get involved with a social justice project. Most of my class mates are off to those far way places most of us just dream of. Kenya, Thailand, Malawi, India, S. Africa, Bangladesh... and so many more. A few others of us are holding down the fort here in the Seattle area, getting involved with the other cultures that are right here. Some of us are working with refugees, sex-trafficking, the homeless. I personally am trying to put together a combination of working with a hostel organization as well as volunteer with a local youth housing shelter. Both are coming together though it is still slightly up in the air how it will work out... (nothing like last min or anything).

I'm a bit bummed because i really do love traveling. I so love seeing other places and meeting new people and the thought of not getting to do that this summer is a bit disappointing, but I am excited to learn the value in the place I am and to remember that you don't always have to travel thousands of miles away to learn about other cultures and get involved in social justice.

I'm really happy because in just 9 short days Steve Lawton arrives and gets to stay with me for 6 whole weeks. I am really excited for us to just get to spend a bit of quality time together. So much of his visits before have had such "big" events. The first time he came... was, well, the FIRST TIME HE CAME! Then the second time he came we were going to Chicago to meet my family... which was just a big moment. But this time we just get to have fun and spend time together which should be awesome!

I'm really sad because summer just last for a season and sometimes i want it to go on forever!! I am missing being in the midwest where it gets proper sunny and HOT (on the 4th of july i was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt... that was first). I am sad to say good bye to some of my really good friends for a summer. I know it will go by fast, but I love this crew out here and will miss calling them, getting cheep drinks, and having random long night hang outs! i'm sad because its been a complete year that i have been gone from england and i miss my besties there and really just want that normal life back.

So yeh... life is as it should be. A healthy mixture of excited and bummed, happy and sad... just enough unknown and weird to make life unexpected, interesting, and hopeful!

summer on... summer on!

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