Deposit Down = Community House

Posted by Teen Bean

I went today and put down our deposit for a community house. It is a four bedroom unit. Nice and tight... very cute. Its in the Central district of Seattle... so smack in the middle of the city. I think there are four people committed. Tiffany, Jessica, Caleb, and myself. I am from the midwest, Jessica is from the Seattle area, Tiffany is from California, and Caleb is from Africa... it for sure will be an interesting mix.

Jessica has been in Malawi all summer, she gets back in august.

Tiffany and I have been meeting all summer praying for our community house and it is feel very exciting and peaceful.

More fun stories to follow i am sure, but your prayers for our community house and soon to be new community are for sure needed! We want to be intentional about prayer and community dinners and discipleship. It should be big!


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I am so EXCITED for you guys!

July 8, 2010 at 12:59 AM

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