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so i've had to manage putting together some practical "field work" for my graduate program that allows me to interact with a culture that is not my own and be involved in a social justice project. Oddly, it has come together. I will be spending a large majority of my summer working with two organizations. Hosteling International (HI) and YouthCare. I will be working with HI's program director to help sustain some cultural awareness programs, i'm very excited to work with them because hosteling is something I love to do and if done responsibly I think could change the world.

The other organization. YouhCare, happened more randomly and sporadically, so i know it is probably more of a God thing. YouthCare works with homeless youth in Seattle. I am looking into helping serve with one of their local transitional housing projects. They are really interested in having people help at a new house, that just so happens to be working with young homeless girls that were involved in prostitution. I am very excited to work with them and spend this summer building relationship and just widening my world view/ experience in the area of helping build homes for the abused.

Its going to be manic that is for sure. Steve comes in 3 days and I am soooo excited to just be 3 days ahead of myself! hahaha...

its going to be a good summer!

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