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So recently i have been listening to a children's radio show called Adventures in Odyssey. For all you oldies out there.... you will know what i am talking about. In reality it has just been so much fun laughing at all the old jokes and concepts, that as a kids, would have me in stitches.

then i went to community dinner at the Chapins house. They are a lovely family with 4 beautiful daughters. I love going around their house on sundays because there house is buzzing with life and excitement, as these girls are on the edge of living life! The beautiful way the girls creatively attack life has me craving for the sweet childhood love of dreaming and hope.

summer is an amazing time to remenise about childhood dreams and hopes. recently someone asked me what i dreamed of doing as a child. I had to laugh out loud as i remember my biggest dream was inspired from two favorite childhood movies of Annie and Peter Pan. I remember wanting to run an orphanage for young people that made them as happy and content as Peter Pan was in Neverland.... I was crushed when i had asked about orphanages and was told they didn't exist in America....
Lately God has been inspiring this dream in me again. I had wanted this dream so badly as a child that when i was told it was impossible i kinda of whip lashed the other direction and avoid youth work and hospitality in an effort to ease the pain of letting go of my first love.

It was a mighty jolt to have someone re-ask... what did you dream of doing as a child... and even more shocking to realize that that dream of housing young people in places of deep imagination and safety are not as far off as I once thought.

I think its important for everyone to ask themselves that question multiple times in life "What did you want to do as a Child?" and then really try ask yourself "how can i bring my childhood dream of living into my life now?".... it such a powerful way of reconnecting with the passions of your heart! TRUST ME!

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