in exactly one month!

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in exactly one month Steve come to stay with me for 6 weeks. I am sooo excited to have him around for a big chuck of my most favorite time of year... and if this week is any reflection of how beautiful seattle weather is going to be ... then darn right we are going to have a good time.

Its really cool too because life is just really coming together. Classes are moving right along, my practicum is completely up in the air, i have zero idea what direction my thesis is going, i put amazing fairy lights up above my bed, i've learned where the grocery store, the cheesecake factory, and my good friend Jenny lives in reference to my new apt, steve possibly has a place to volunteer with this summer, i'v found a guy to take creative lessons (thesis focused) from, we've been praying regularly as a community ... and life just seems really peaceful.

sometimes i think i should stress more, but what good has that ever done?

So summer here we go... steve's coming, the sun is out, school is winding down, my creative mind is gearing up, and prayer is happening... life is on!

fyi: when the seattle bus tunnel is going to be closed for engineer work... the least they could do is post on the gate the new pick up location... missed my darn bus for work :(
p.s. i really love steve lawton!

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Aww that's awesome! I'm happy for you! Are you going to be visiting Dixon at all during that time? Preferably the beginning of August when I will be there with Sean.....let me know!!

June 15, 2010 at 3:29 AM

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