sex trafficking in my face

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this weekend i joined a friend of mine who is helping host an event at a club in downtown seattle. The event "Defend and Empower" is a benefit to stop sex trafficking in Thailand. I am so pumped by the idea of bringing really relevant ways to this generation to make a difference. "Clubbing with a Difference" is like my version of heaven.

So this weekend we prettied ourselves up and hit up the streets of seattle to get people excited about coming next weekend for this event. Let me just say, me and flyering goes together like peanut butter and jelly, like burt and ernie, like rapper and gold chains! I was having so much fun dashing here and dashing there... chatting with people... and seeing a few domestics!

As we rounded one of our last corners, a big ol' white Escalade was parked up. Most the girls were chatting with another group and as they did this man all swaggered out of the car. He was dressed head to toe in the most flashy red outfit. Red velvet jacket, white suit pants, an shiny red shoes... the shoes were freaking amazing... so as he stepped out of this escalade i was like "wooooahh nice shoes!"

as i was saying this the rest of the girls in my group were coming up to me and this guys was like "ahhh beautiful ladies" can i get a picture.... in the events that followed we witnessed not only a full on pimp at work, but also saw one of the girls he was working.

I have been around what i assumed was sex trafficking before, just as i have been in other clubbing places of the world. But this was the first time i full on chatted with a pimp and actually came face to face with a young women who was obviously being used and abused (though from appearance she just looked like a fully gorgeous women, her eyes told another story..)

as we moved away, and rang a hot line to report this sex trafficking incident, and then quickly had to mingle into a club crowd as we were being followed by some shady guy that had been working with the pimp... i was freaking messed up.

sex trafficking is one thing, but sex trafficking in my face took on a whole different meaning. I have a few really good friends that are pretty hard core about stopping sex trafficking and after my experience last night i totally understand them more.

I've been praying lately to have a deeper understanding of what life in seattle is like. again, the beautifully hidden suffering stirs my heart in a way that brings both pain and passion!

I am so excited for the Defend and Empower event if that is what just went on when we went and handed out flyers... i can only imagine what is coming next! scared and excited! totally need to be covering this one in prayer!

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Love you girl! ;) Keep fighting with your prayers and actions!

June 15, 2010 at 6:24 AM

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