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is being blind good or bad?

lately i have realized that i just don't notice crime/ badness when it is happening? people were being stabbed? drugs were being sold? women were being trafficked!?!?

i don't know weather to be pleased by this innocent ignorance or annoyed by the obnoxious naive-ness???

coming from quite a sheltered back ground i am always confused by my place in a world of brokenness, pain, crime... loads of time i just see like the good of it all or experience the happiness i am perceiving???

what does this mean about me... am i selfish for just seeing the world from my limited worldview?

hmmm how do i un-blind myself with out becoming overwhelmed?

p.s. steve and i went out for a little midnight stroll tonight in seattle city. why are the cops always in the safe places? Belltown (the high/posh place of seattle) had cops on ever freaking corner. In capitol hill there was not one cop to be seen...

on a cool note.. we saw this van picking up drunk people off the street and helping 'em out.. steve and i both where like "wow just like the Ibiza team" haha it was a good reminder!

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i love your innocence dont loose it. Its good to be perceptive and aware to a degree but not to a point that it consumes you

i think

July 26, 2010 at 7:00 AM

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