dinner and refugees

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I really love my hostel internship/work experience. I am working along with the programs director for Hosteling International. They gave me the responsibility of organizing and running their "Cultural Kitchen" program. I have to find groups of people who would be interested in learning about another culture and then put a menu together based on that culture and then have them cook and share the meal and what they have learned at the hostel.

It pretty much is like planning dinner parties with a purpose... can anyone say my dream job!?!?!? hahaha tho seriously i really do love it.

Another really cool things is that i really was trying to figure out a way of making this culture kitchen really have positive impact. one of my classmates is working with an organization that helps integrate refugees here in the Seattle area. the two of us are going to work together to see about customizing a cultural kitchen to help serve the refugees she works with by having them learn about american culture and then cook an american meal at the hostel. It is really cool to see how multiple organizations can work together to do some really positive and fun stuff!

I'm really excited to see how it all kicks off over the next few weeks!

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