no tears this day!

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so normally, on this day i would pretty much be a puddle of tears. steve has been here for 13 days and normally in our lives after two weeks of heavenly bliss, we have to take that horrid trip to SeaTac airport. Endure a horrific moment of trying to smile and say good-bye, even though my heart is actually being shattered into a million pieces. Then walk away from each other for undetermined (and usually way to long) lengths of time.... :( :(

BUT NOT THIS DAY! :) :) :)

Steve gets to be here with me for a whole 6 weeks and one day! these two weeks have been prolly some of the happiest of my life.... I sit around trying to focus on normal things like checking e-mails, or watching my shows, or talking with friends, but my mind seriously will just start humming little ditties about how much i love steve and how i see hearts ever where!

i'm hopelessly in love!

and the crazy thing is that i just keep falling deeper. Is there a cap to this? Ever day steve will say something or do something that actually makes me be like "holy crap!! i love you even more!"

people keep saying there will come that "moment" when we get annoyed or tired of each other. but i seriously think it is impossible.

everyday is incredibly normal and ridiculously adventurous. today steve and i got to sit and read the bible and pray together a little longer then we normally do. i was sitting next to him, loving God so much, and was blown away by how amazing it is to worship God with this incredible man who has ridiculously made my life more lovely to live.

do you know what it feels like to touch a real live blessing? to hug a blessing? to laugh and pray and eat and do dirty laundry with a blessing? to whine about slugs in the kitchen, to go dancing with, and to encourage a friend with a living, breathing, blessing?

In the person of Steve Lawton, i will tell you it is the most incredible and privileged place to be! I love him so much... yep its the truth... and i never ever ever will stop!!!

happy are these days...

"the nights of crying your eyes out give way to days of laughter" psalm 30:5

p.s. thanx for coming to see me steve!

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this is so cute, and yet makes me feel sick! haha. ahh I'm glad for you both =) xxx

July 27, 2010 at 2:28 PM

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