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so tuesdays have organically turned into prayer days. i pray with tiffany about community in the early afternoon. Then when steve gets back around 5pm from his volunteer day we pray together. Then this tuesday we met up with Caleb (one of the guys that is going to be living in the community house). we drove over the the community house and did a little pray/blessing over the house.

it reminded me again how much i love going out to pray. ahh i just started thinking how great it would be on tuesday to go out and find people to pray with. i met up with loads of people today and getting to pray with them, just made the day have so much more meaningful.

I really love praying with people and being intentional about taking praying out.

I really do love praying in my apt... and the whole intimacy that brings... but there is something that really spur my outward desire for prayer when i invest in prayer inwardly.

I have this pot of change that we prayed over at one of the prayer nights i had at my apt. we were praying for "change" ... i still have all the change. i was meant to take it out some place and spread it out, but i never did.

i keep seeing that pot of change and being like "where should i take that?" but i never really get an answer. But interestingly enough, i have begun to notice that as i am taking myself to work at 1020pm ever night that the little corner near my apt turns into a collection site for drug dealers, homeless, prostitutes, drunks, and frequent police arrests....

i am thinking that is a good place for some "change". I remembered seeing a sign that Stanford boiler room posted in one of their prayer rooms stating "keep your coins... i want real change" i think that might be a good statement to lay down with these coins... i was so inspired by that statement that i even wrote a whole paper on how the world is looking for real change and what that real change is...

we shall see, we shall see...

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