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My old roomie, Shinhye, came by this evening and cooked steve and I an amazing S. Korean curry. we laughed loads while she flung bit and pieces of carrots in the pot and all around my kitchen. Then we sat down on my very casual living room floor (minus the dinning room table that i don't have because i don't have a dinning room!) and just enjoyed a little asian cuisine and some good convo...

then we master the art of playing Uno with three decks of normal playing cards... it was immense. Shinhye and I got walked to the bus by Steve, then got to ride the bus part way as she went home and I went to work.

While we sat on the bus i was able to say hello to Christina a young Ukraine girl who is working in the city and on her way home from a semi slow day... as well as casually converse with Michele-Ellen an intelligent young women that is studying to be a nursing assistant.

Shinhye laughed and asked "Tina is there anyone you don't know?"... I laughed and defended myself by saying "i'm on the bus for a long time... might as well know the people i'm around"...

but at that moment seattle felt a bit like home... familiar surrounds, familiar faces, familiar routine... wow that was a weird moment!

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