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so august definitely started the seriousness of me needing to read for my thesis. i haven't really put in proper time to reading and now i must that i must that i must...

as i begin my reading adventure, i have fallen more and more and more in love with the word HOSPITALITY.

there is such power to this word and such extreme distortion as well. I am trying to discover a true definition of hospitality. one that is sustainable, but honors truth. Can i find a way of describing hospitality as a form of justice?

I want to encourage people to engage in hospitality in the same way that St. Benedict went about hospitality, but i want to use word to describe it in a way that is really relevant to this generation. i want it to move peoples souls enough to make them want to engage in an intentional spiritual journey that can further transform their life.

i'm reading a book by Father Daniel Homan and Lonnie Collins Pratt called Radical Hospitality... that quotes,

"When we speak of the depth of hospitality, we are proposing something scary and radical. But it's worth the risk"

this type of statement just stirs me... the danger excites me and the worth entices me... this i want to be about.

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