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so its a done deal. we have signed a lease and i am all moved into the new community house. I kinda forgot how exciting it is to move in with people... especially people that you like. The buzz in the house already has lots of energy.

people are in and out all this week. but we really are enjoying getting settled. we spent the first part of our evening last night just handing the house over to God and asking him to involve our little community the best way he could...

we really have no idea what our community will look like or how it will express itself, but last night there was definitely a solid foundation laid for my roomies and I to start exploring the best way to love God, to love each other, and to love the world.

on a slightly sadder note. Steve's six weeks in america is up today. I had to go to the airport with him this morning and brutally say good bye to him. By far this was the hardest. My heart very much felt like it was being torn in two.

I cried a lot, but more then ever i am convinced that what steve and I are about to be involved in this year is for the best... not only for us as individuals, but for us as a couple as well. It will be hard, because as of now we probably wont be able to see each other until April. :(

but I am convinced that God has got us and where we are meant to be is me in seattle and steve in England... regardless the good bye was tearful and gut twisting.

more pictures of the community house soon... i promise!

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