no time to recover just GO

Posted by Teen Bean

so wow it was great having two weeks off of work and then with getting engaged over that time... i almost forgot what i was doing with life...

but thanx to a heavy dose of reality this monday has reminded me the incredible journey i get to go on...

with my first school assignment requiring me to read 200++ places and write a case study on children in poverty, starting back to working full time, cringing at the fact that i still have 4 library books i want to read through, and preparing to play host again when my cuzzy come for a sweet visit...

there is no time to ease back into anything but just a quick moment to punch the Go button and be shot out like a torpedo into this fall...

major tasks at hand

#1 Don't drowned in homework
#2 Plan a wedding
#3 Write a thesis (i think this should be number two.. but you know... the wedding will always be my guilty pleasure!)
#4 Invest in the community house we call "Love Sack"
#5 Convince my boss to give me holiday over Christmas

so you know... nothing to big or anything...

Dear Baby Jesus


Beanie Burnie

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