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so we are back in full swing of school. i should be reading the 200+++ assignment that i have due thursday... but when you can look at wedding stuff who the freak cares about school!?!?

i went out for ethiopian food tonight with a couple that i bought a mattress from earlier this year. it was good to meet some new faces and hear some new stories.

i started working on my save the dates for the wedding... but really how much can you work on that when you don't yet have a date to save for your wedding??

i miss steve a lot these days. how can we really only have been apart for a week and a day? it feels like an eternity!! deep breath...

i've started thinking more that i might do some sort of tour guide book for my thesis based on Labyrinths and then guide people through a prayer journey... just need to figure out the direction and all. I went to a second hand book store and bought like 5 travel books to start getting ideas and inspiration.

we are having a labor day party on monday and hope to meet some of our neighbors. today me and my roomie jess went to get groceries and Stanley a very nice older gentleman (that was crushing cans near our apt) very nicely helped us carry in our purchases. I get a really good vibe from our neighborhood... even tho everyone says it is a really scary place to live... i like it!

still trying to work on rhythms and intention. but sense one of our roomies is still out of town we are not pushing anything just yet. getting settled then going to push into that area of intention. should be good!

i'm fairly good in life... the only time i stress is when i realize how far away england is from me and get scared that steve is to away from me... but you know one day at a time... and when ever i freak really bad i call steve crying and he makes me laugh and then i realize that life is actually really good and we are going to be fine...

I have also found that Sugarland is a perfect remedy for a gloomy girl...

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TEEENIE!!!!!! Im really sorry that england is far away BUT only for a time. I was telling people about you today I even got to stand in front of a church I have never been to and people I have never met and tell them that in just 1 year WE will be getting married. Dont worry bout the save the dates till theres a date
Remember you can apperently plan a party in 3 weeks, so dont stress about what you need to do. Concentrate on work school and comunity. Put on a stompa of a party. I love you loads

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September 5, 2010 at 4:45 PM

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