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just spent an intensive week reading 300++ pages about child poverty, then watched Born into Brothels... it was an intense week.

today i've written two papers and 3 forum responses... plus read another 100+ pages on spirituality and healing...

grad school why do you haunt me!!?!?!?

nah really i enjoy it, its just like on the weekend i like to get my sunday nap and i had to miss it this round :(

hope i remember everything.

My cousing Shelly comes from the midwest this Thursday. I am looking forward to showing her around seattle... and hitting up a few of my fav tourist spot... can i help it that i LOVE taking people on tour guides?

on a side note... i just realized Rick Stevens is from Seattle and pretty much i am model my thesis after his travel guide books. i wonder if he would have a sit down coffee with me? I wonder what i would ask him????

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