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Went for Thai Food tonight. It was in this little town outside of Seattle. I met about 10 co-workers. As we were having dinner, the conversation ended up going really deep and talking about how young girls can be sexually abused/taken advantage of.

The shock was really hard to take in. In school we have been reading loads about vulnerable children and the horrible conditions they are subjected to. I have been blowing through the readings, because I refused to put a face to any of these children or their situations.

Tonight at dinner all those children started having faces and started being friends daughters, co-workers children, my cousins baby girl... I got so angry I went quiet.

How could God let this happen? I mean seriously??? I know the textbook answer is that God doesn't want hurt to happen, that its just a result of a broken world... but for some reason when young girls I know are getting raped, that answer doesn't measure up.

I am so angry that it hurts, I'm so sad that i makes me mad, I'm so annoyed that it makes me cry.

I can't answer this one. Praying a bit earlier I get that the emotions I am feeling are shallow in comparison to what God feels for his hurting children... but why the eff is there still so much pain? i feel like the world is spinning out of control and there is no one strong enough or gentle enough to stop it in a way that will leave any of us as survivors...

Is there any sanity in this messed up world????

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Love you girl ;) The world is broken indeed but the broken places are exactly where grace and love thrive!

September 29, 2010 at 2:19 AM

I don't think that's a question we will ever have a satisfactory answer for this side of Heaven. :/

I'm gonna agree with Alex on this one.

September 29, 2010 at 7:33 AM

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