I love turtles!!!!

Posted by Teen Bean

My friend, Carmi, from N.Z. came for a very short visit. One day we went to one of the local universities and rented canoes and went canoeing out on this random little bay.

it was so interesting because the water was interwoven under neath these massive highways... so 100 feet above us traffic was zooming by at a completely higher speed then the ridiculously still water we canoed through...

then we rounded a corner and ran into these wonderful turtles just basking on a log in the lovely warm sun. I never got so close to a "wild turtle" but I was just so amazing by creation and the two different worlds that could pretty much exist in the same space!!

it reminded me how sometimes we can get so crazy busy we don't see the beauty of just slowing down and seeing "the sun bathing turtles"

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