Healthcare and Spirituality

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I had to write a paper on spirituality and healing..... this was what i came up with

Course: Health, Healing, and the Kingdom of God

Prayer is powerful. Christians have been slapping this slogan of spiritual power on t-shirts, bummer stickers, and bibles for decades, but how seriously does spiritually affect humans? As western society works to separate spirituality from the physical reality, medical science has been highly affected. The affect on medical science is demonstrated by the priority of logic, physical laws, and reproducible over faith, prayers, and miracles with in healthcare. Medical workers should recognize healthcare as a process of reconciliation between humans and God. This occurs as healthcare practices healing and prevention of death, which allows more opportunities for life and the experience of God’s promise of reconciliation.

Healthcare, as a tool of spirituality, is one of the most vital forms of spiritual development. In a world that lives on extremes, the reality is that healthcare is a matter of life and death. When God originally made humans He made them as eternal beings. When Adam and Eve sinned they were cursed with death (Genesis 3). Since that moment humans have been fighting for their very lives. As healthcare progresses in western culture the exclusion of spirituality has resulted in a mutated understand of healing and wholeness. Humans are viewed as machines that need preventative maintenance instead of beings made up of mind, body, and soul. As a healthcare worker I have witnessed how separate care for mind, body and soul fails to bring holistic and lasting healing.

Healthcare that recognizes the soul/spirit to have an effect on health and healing understands the importance of incorporating spiritual care into the healthcare practice. The danger of incorporating spiritual care is entering into the spiritual warfare occurring between the devil and God. The bible clearly states that the devil has come to kill and destroy (John 10:10). Death as the result of sin is being used by the devil to eternally separated humans from God. As healthcare workers prevent death and offer healing they are directly opposing the work of evil. Long (2006) supported this idea that healthcare workers, especially Christians, can view their work as temporary physical representations that are foretelling the permanent spiritual healing and reconciliation of humans with God.

In conclusion, Jesus has fulfilled and is fulfilling the promises of God in His victory over death. Healthcare workers, especially Christian healthcare workers, should be encouraged to incorporate the use of faith, prayers, and miracles into their healthcare practices, because God’s promise is victory over death. When healthcare workers understand their authority and power over death and incorporate spiritually into healthcare practices, they will see development of faith, prayers, and miracles, which ultimately will lead to holistic healing and humans reconciled with God.

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