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so labyrinths are these old things... weaving journey's that leads to a center and then back out again... (think Celtic monks!)

as i was doing some research i was learning about how the pattern came to be...

so below is a demonstration of how a labyrinth can be draw... this particular one is known as a "Seed Pattern".
the cool things was reading how the process of drawing a labyrinth takes the basic concept of the square and the basic concepts of a circle and merges them. This is known as "squaring a circle (i.e. accomplishing the impossible)" Kern, 2000 'Through the Labyrinth'.

Kern also went on to write how the labyrinth is a symbol of uniting two world views. As i was reading all i could think about was Wolterstorfs description of the "Third Way" in his book Justice. Wolterstorf discussed the importance of not choosing violence or non-violence, but looking to Jesus as the ultimate author of the Third Way Movement. Jesus wonderfully displayed a merging of the two very different world view of right vs wrong to call his followers to a higher way. Jesus taught on poverty he didn't approve people ignoring or people just giving to it ... but called his disciples to lives of poverty. Jesus instructed his disciples to not run away from violence or to fight against it but to stand in the midst and simple turn the other cheek.

I was incredibly excited to read how the very basic structure of labyrinths can represent a deep and powerful way of living... and I haven't even begun to dive into understanding how praying and walking through a labyrinth can further the faith journey.

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OK, maybe I'm a nerd... but I thought this was really cool!! ;)

September 20, 2010 at 4:05 AM

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