Tran-Siberian Railroad

Posted by Teen Bean

so went to the hostel today. they were having a Traveling 101 about taking the Tran-Siberian Railroad. Let me say going into it i was like "hmm whats this about?" coming out of it i am like "DUDE WHERE CAN I BOOK MY TICKET!?!"

it was actually amazing to learn some of the letters and ways of the Russian language. To learn that you can get a train that will take you through st. petersberg, moscow, and all the way through to china!! wot!?!? and for only $200 dollars!??! you have to be kidding me! its prolly because i am a little dense, but this concept was overwhelming and awe inspiring to me!

then just learning the fun of how you can't take this train ride with out consuming loads of vodka, sharing bread and cheese, and just chillax for 33 hours on random trains with the common Russian makes me so excited to give this a try.
most of all seeing a picture of the St. Basil church in Moscow has me absolutely screaming to get to Russia! i think it is beautiful there and definitely have just listed it as one of my top places to visit before i die!

oh and on a side note... did you know there are 8 time zones in russia... but all the trains run on moscow time!! interesting huh!?!?

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