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My cousin visited this weekend. Its nice having family around. as we were talking she just sounded so much like my family (because she is) i just kept thinking "ooo i miss my family!"

its weird being in this place where you want to be in like 5 different places at the same time. I love where i grew up and the fun memories Dixon brings. haha nothing will replace those memories of doing afternoon paper route, the crazy loveland community building workers that had the nerve to kick us out of their sprinklers, the neighborhood boys i used to have rouse with, or driving the green machine the 8 block over the peoria bridge to sweet Dixon High School.

at the same time, I desperately miss Dekalb life. My first true moment of freedom. College was my ridiculous growth time. You might as well have called me a weed and doused me in Miraclegro. It seemed like every month i was breaking out of another shell and getting more to the core of who i was and what i wanted to be. I miss my friend there and the incredible amount of laughs we had.

then England and the specialness of digging in. Dedicating a year to God probably was one of the best moves I ever made. I look in the mirror sometimes now and am absolutely astounded to see how many prayer I prayed in England have come true over the last two years! I desperately miss the kids on bus and wonder about so many of them and their lives and if they are ok. I miss my house mates and our intensely girly house. I mostly miss us all laughing together!

and now here i am in Seattle. Loving this city. finding a group of people to worship with, to pray with, to take care of, to count on. School is changing my life, fall in seattle is like my ultimate favorite weather, and i love knowing where the good clubs are and the good place to get cinnamon rolls.

shheshhh its crazy how so many places, so many people can all be so special... but yet we have to chose just one place to be... life is crazy like that!

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