Thesis Teaser

Posted by Teen Bean

have you ever had questions so deep they made you ask deeper questions and then even risk asking the deepest question ...


have you ever wanted to be a part of a story? to have something solid to rely on to look to for guidance? to be a solid edge to jump from?

have you ever wanted to feel alive? so alive that ever breath seemed to make your heart surge with a crisp passion to be what you dream of being while simultaneously forming that reality of that dream?

have you ever trusted enough to open your ears to really hear and see the answers to what you are looking for?

have you ever just wanted to know what faith really is all about?

"Deep, Deeper, Deepest Questions: A Labyrinth, A Life, A Listener; A Relationship of Faith"

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er yes

September 9, 2010 at 8:55 PM

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