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I must say, most months when it comes to paying bills I'm a little depressed. there never seems to be enough air around me to squeeze more money out of....

of course this is me being completely selfish, as the other day I realized what a privileged position I am in... loads of time i moan about having to work full time and be in grad school full time, but it is such a blessing to be about both... work and education are pure gold.

Plus living in my community house has really helped spread out the cost of living... ahhh its nice to be able to split things like Internet, electric, and milk!

all in all there is something to be said about how satisfying it is to pay for the thing I use or need. Working is such an amazing part of who I am... if i couldn't work it would be so hard for me to feel like a real person in the real world... It reminded me of this article i read (i totally have forgotten the name and author!!) that reminded us that work is a part of our worship to God.

This made me even more aware of why it is so important to help people find jobs to allow them to enter working worship to God.... Hmmm I never thought that as a person that desperately wants to see the kingdom of God lived here on earth that I would become an advocate for the economy and employment opportunities....

bottom line... even though money seems tight a lot of the time, the huge amount of blessings I have and the opportunities I am given really humbles me to realize how important it is to just say...

Thanx God for helping me pay my bills!


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