How Can I Meet My Neighbors?

Posted by Teen Bean

So when I moved into this community house I had a dream of meeting all my neighbors, of us all being buddies, and living it up! But Sadly I have yet to really "meet" any of them. Our neighbors on the corner seem to do a much better job. They are three slightly odd glass blowing blokes who spend most of their time... heeeyuk... glassblowing. They also just will spend time hanging out in their back yard chilling around a camp fire...

Time... I am realizing if I am going to meet my neighbors I need time... and being intention. But is it weird to just go knock on the door and be like "HI! I wanted to meet you!!!" I feel like I need an in... but what!?!?!?

Between work and school I am fried... and time is something I just don't have. What am I meant to do and be in this place? How am I meant to do and be in this place?

I feel like I have already waisted two good months... and a year goes by so quickly... what to do... what to do!?!?!?

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Tina love your passion there! I can't wait to move out n do that too....looking around, hopefully start of 2011. But good to hear your going GOOD anyway! Tina you came in that area with those specific desires to connect with your neighbors, I believe God put you in that house for a reason and has a cool plan.....will keep a look out on ur blog to see how it goes! Much love xxx Angelique

November 2, 2010 at 9:14 AM

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