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I'm in a course called "Women and Children at Risk" this semester. I wasn't that bothered to take the class, but sense it is require... I am...
Its been a rough go. The professor is an Essex boy, that knows his crap and keeps you on your toes... I've never had to work so hard to get a "B"... hahaha, but I'm proud to say, I earned that "B"

This last class was blowing me away. I literally was on the edge of my seat. Statements like "Being focused on Child Development has shown positive community development for all" had my creative juices flowing for how I could use this to promote prayer communities.

I love prayer communities, but sadly the year i spend living in one, I wasn't a very good person and knew nothing about what it takes to be a leader. I was a hot-headed, judgemental, undisciplined person, that thought I knew everything about anything when it came to loving God and being radical... "psshhhh"

Really at the heart of it I was desperate for someone to tell me "Tina its ok.. you don't have to be a hero for God to love you" and was hurting because I just wanted someone... anyone to notice I was alive. I remember when I ran into one of my heroes. A famous 24-7 prayer-er... He compiled this book called "Writing on the Wall"... I remember really wanting to impress him and just standing there like a fool. My life compared to what he was doing for God was like... pathetic.

Tracy and Brian Heasly 24-7 Prayer Ibiza leaders

Hahaha, have you ever wanted to impress someone so much that you end being a twit!?!? wow, story of my life! wink... but even through my blunder of a year being involved in 24-7 Prayer Communities, people just kept loving on me.. Why!??! Only God knows. From the moment Andy Freeman greeted me at Heathrow airport with a warm smile and hug, to Sally and Rob Harman shuttling a homesick and confused American back to Stanford, to the lovely Carla Taylor being the most amazing host, to Richard and Katy Smith showing us around Colchester and letting us pray with their street pastors, to Brian and Tracy Heasley teaching us amazing spiritual lessons while gardening on the farm, to Dan Jones and Alana Wiens dedication to teach us the Story of God.... not to mention the people I did my gap year with Charl Young the young and fearless church pioneer, Gemma Prescott the famous Olympian and prayer warrior, Steve Lawton the golden boy of prayer, James Godward worship guru, Jono Freeman super servant... I mean truly amazing people!!

Charl Young and Colchester Boiler House leader Katy Smith

I had never felt so deep... and it scared me. I loved God a lot, but I was nothing compared to these heroes.... praying nonstop, open prayer center in the middle of clubs, prayer walking through towns, writing books about community, knowing the whole bible by heart, smile when they were sick, loving people who were creepy, not worrying about money, pioneering radical new forms of church...

And for one glorious year, I got to be in the club! haha it felt good to be in. But how shattered I was to have to leave, I thought for sure this was God's sign to me that I had, in fact, failed to prove myself in the hero club of praying and so I was out.

But something I've come to learn this year is that the people I labeled
as heroes, are not... that nothing they did even came close to being heroic. See cuz a hero lives for the sake of his story. something momental happened to them and only them and heroic stories are told to build on the identity of the hero.... see the people I look up to, in fact, are Saints. Why? Because Saints point to a Savior. They live not purely for selfish gain, but personify Philippians 1:21 "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain".

The Gang from my gap year getting breaky at Ikea!

Prayer communities are not built on the backs of phenomenal, accidental, and rare heroes, but on the knees of simple, messed up people who chose to be intentional about pointing to a mighty Savior.... my definition of the everyday Saint.

To me 24-7 Prayer seems to carry a high concentration of these simple, everyday Saints and because of their intentionality I'm learning how to point to that mighty Savior too.

I am starting to but together my thesis for my masters degree and humbling am hoping to add to 24-7 Prayer amazing Vision 2020, specifically their dedication to mission and spreading prayer communities. Its my prayer that I can take the massive experiences of love and give them back to 24-7 Prayer, in a way that honors their rhythm of "being blessed to be a blessing"... yes, the longest ass Thank- you notes ever... a Thank- You Thesis.

so here is to the beginning!
Thank- You everyday Saints of 24-7 Prayer... for giving me a nudge that pointed into an intentional direction of eternal transformation!

(Transit 09: Gemma Prescott, Charl Young, Carla Taylor,
Me + Rob and Sally Harmon Stanford Boiler House leaders)

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Great post Tina! I can totally relate...It was amazing for me to get to join a 24-7 comminity this summer. It was a little overwhelming to not just read about 24-7 anymore, but to actually be a part of a community. I was humbled.

November 6, 2010 at 4:34 PM

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