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so we have class on thursday nights. I also am mentored by an amazing women named Elizabeth Chapin right before class.... I decided to take the bus... in an effort to continue my environmental awareness... and mostly because holy crap my school tuition is expensive this semester!! (haha plus i got my car towed again... so i have to some how find $300 spare dollars!! oh the joy of squeezing money out of thin air!)

but i digress....

so i met Elizabeth at said coffee shop we talked about my week and woooahhh big revelation i realized loads of my anger towards God is because I believe that love means you never get hurt... we talked about me praying through that this week... hmmggg

then wen to class where all my class mates shared what they did this summer! talk about amazing!!!! everyone was so inspirational. Even the people that started out saying they didn't think they would have anything super amazing... ahhh everyone brought some really valuable life lessons.

i got to share more about how i want to write some spiritual guide book. i didn't talk so much about labyrinth, but you know only so much time. That being said more then every i really want to include it in my thesis... eeek

I have to have a meeting with my academic advisor to get my "idea" cleared before we start writing. wow i can't believe we are already to this point! writing my thesis SHUT UP!!

this weekend is going to manic. I am helping out at a cultural kitchen project that i put together specifically to help refugees. its the first time the hostel has do a Cultural Kitchen for Refugees so you know... it should be exciting!

plus there is Salmon Festival, A friends CD debut, going out for drink, A fundraiser for fight sex-trafficking ... oh and did i mention more homework! sheeesh! wink i'll have a blast!


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your blog never ceases to make me smile or think or want to stand up and do something! thanks tina. oh and your life sounds like way too much fun despite the dizzying schedule. ;) love you!

October 4, 2010 at 4:01 PM

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