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India fascinates me! I attended a Hostelling International World Travel: India Event. The young women that lead it lured me into her experience with talk of chai teas, trains, and street food vendors. I was so intoxicated by the idea that i swear i started smelling the beautiful stench of New Delhi.
My soul is starving for travel. How can the world hold such magnificently diverse people, places, and experiences? I feel like the world is a ginormous, dropping, 9-month pregnant mother-to-be, waiting to give birth to my very desires.

I feel like I'm standing on this cliff that is over looking all the places of the world... but am i putting the right wings on to fly there?

Lately I feel like I've lived most my life. Like I just get once chance to blink and then its over. I feel like I'm in mid-blink. Will I like what I see when i open my eyes again? This "dream like state" mid-blink brings, has me dreaming of walking labyrinth in Europe, riding elephants in India,
snapping pictures of Russian architecture, sleeping on trains through Siberia, shoving prayers in the wailing wall in Jerusalem, eating yummy cheese in a small town in France, helping build communities in Kosova, watching the sunset in Greece... AND SO MUCH MORE!

Is there going to be enough time in life to see
it all? I'm wondering if life can hold as much as I'm wanting it to?

Well regardless India is my new obsession....

Interesting things I learned.

#1 there is no toilet paper in India they use a cup of water for "washing"

#2 dark is out, light is in... everyone tries to be as white as possible UV protection is in everything

#3 they really don't say Thank you there, it takes away the "honor" of helping

#4 all older men and women are called "uncle" or "auntie"

#5 you must bargain for everything you buy

#6 pens are the best gift! they encourage favor from the gods. Give someone a good pen and you have done a good deed!

so anyone want to go to India with me??

(p.s. this has further sparked my desire to get that elephant tattoo!)

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