Performance Review

Posted by Teen Bean

well had to meet with my boss for performance review. all high marks... so thats good... then again i work all by myself all night... so how do they really know how good a worker I am? hmmmm

haha but it was good to know that things are going smoothly... ooo and in 3 more weeks i get a 20 cent raise... heck yeah for putting in a year of work!

oh man i can't believe i have worked this job for another year! and learned another crazy amount of lab test and procedure... craziness.

the interesting thing is how this job experience has really just made me realize how i really do like health care. its fun, its high speed, its high skill... so much so i decided i wanted to go to nursing school.

I prayed about it and really felt like God was giving me green lights to go... but then when i started checking stuff out in the UK its definitely a "wait". They want me to be a resident for 3 years first ... that seems like FOREVER!

but if its something i really want then i guess waiting three years shouldn't change that. Its just sometimes i feel all the pressure of these roles and I'm just like what if I start living life so deeply i forget my dreams or something??

hmmm, i wonder if mostly this is because school is a safe zone for me. Its really scary giving up america and my life here and heading off to england. New land, new wife to be, new job, new friends, new church... its all going to be sooo different. In some way if i was going back to school that would be something familiar to me... hm now its all just back to completely new and scary and different and exciting!

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