Do governments create laws that include or exclude?

Posted by Teen Bean

talking about child rights in my class tonight... i'm a bit confused. the issue of do we advocate for child rights or does that undermine a life that is in the best interest of those children? If we give government the right to step in as an advocate for child when parents are "forcing" them do do things that they do not want to be involved in ... is this good or bad... yes governments could step in and get children out of situations where they are being abused sexually, physically, emotionally... but what about children that declare they are being abused because their parents chose a certain lifestyle for them based on faith (which maybe go against what main stream society says is ok)?

this got me to wondering, do people really feel like they are involved in the rule of government or has government become an excuse for people to not be involved. I got to wondering if the laws that are being made are laws that are calling people to be more active or encouraging more people to detach??

i'm not sure? i want to believe that people who are properly educated and informed would choose to do the right thing. but what if they don't? who's call is it to step in and enforce that? hmmm hard to say!

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