England Scares Me!

Posted by Teen Bean

I started applying for my "fiance/marriage visas" today. Wow, who knew one government could have so much control over my life!?!?

I had to answer some pretty crazy questions and man they do not want to share their public services with newbies (so my recommendation is that I better have access to bucket loads of money!)

how awful would it be if steve and I planned our whole wedding and then I can't come because the UK says we can't get married? How crushing would that be? The way this wedding planning has gone thus far I wouldn't be surprised if this happened.

Why are things so freaking complicated? What ever happen to the idea of letting two people who were in love choosing how, where, and when they wanted to get married and just being happy for them!

hmmm well, I"m not going to let this pop my happy bubble! ahhhhhhhh steve and my wedding is going to be the bestest most lovely wedding! how, when, and where ever that happens!

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