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First take a look at this link:

Comfortable by The Streets

I was watching this video and was deeply challenged. As a Christian it seems like pain, suffering, and discomfort is what always takes us to the next level... the deeper intentionality, the more aspiring inspiration.... comfort and (cringe) that phrase "comfortable Christianity" is likened to that bible verse where we are challenged as Christians to be either hot or cold because to be lukewarm makes God sick enough to vomit. (The Message Revelations 3:16)

But as I was watching this genius and slightly odd video by The Streets, I keep asking myself "Is there something in "comfort" that equally, if not more, challenges us to be intentional and deeper?"

I started thinking about community, especially the love I have for prayer/missional communities and realized that comfort is one of the major themes we grab a hold of to reach out to people. Phrases like, "we wanna meet you where you are not" and "church on the street" are ample examples of how comfort and being comfortable is powerful emotion that can be used to connect to people and the real life they are living.

I started realizing that that idea of "comfort" is edgy and radical. Being comfortable is another way of feeling free. I think of times when I have started going to a new place or being in a new group of friends... the moment things really start to change and I really start to feel impacted are when I start to feel comfortable. A sense of comfort in these moments makes me have the courage to be more of myself, to be honest, to be challenged. For this reason, the idea of fighting for comfort is parallel with fighting for freedom. Freedom is a state of being released or free from confinement and thus is the ultimate goal of Christ justice. To be free from the chains and bondage of sin and able to live comfortably again in a restored relationship with God is the Good News Christ implored us to tell.

Comfort by no means is a single event. It is a process and often to feel the most comfort we have to be intentional about entering uncomfortable situations. And so I am reminded of the message that The Streets sends in "Comfortable" that sometimes we let our lives get so cluttered with the idea of making sure we are "uncomfortable" or "suffering" that we forget what it is we really are living for which is for an eternity of comfort with our Savior and God.

For this I am challenged to live a lifestyle that is radical and edgy... a life as a comfortable christian that using that love of comfort to be intentionally about entering the most uncomfortable situations and to seek out the God of freedom, justice, and love.

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