leap frog

Posted by Teen Bean

hahah this week was so crazy weird. so sunday i went to work like normal, but when i got off work it was crazy snowing. i made it home safe, but lets just say after i slept for 8 hours the storm had left its mark...

so i couldn't go to work monday night... it only had snowed an inch, but Seattle just can't handle cold weather at all!

so tuesday i made it slowly to work, but then wednesday I had the night off for my thanxgiving celebration.

thursday night i strutted into work to to finish my normal work week. but seeing as how i missed work on monday I asked to come in and make it up on Saturday. so this week has been the most interesting leap frogging work week. work a day relax... work a day relax... work a day relax... i kinda liked it! wink wink!

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