Note on Leadership

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Here are some of my notes from my Leadership class... we all are pretty much loving this course... it is overly American, so take it for what you will :D

1. Doing what I love to do + do it with the people I love = IMPACT!

2. Servant Leadership: Test of Leadership

A) Do those being served grow because of the communication and services you offer? Are you creating environments that encourage people to grow?

B) Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, antonymous, begin to shine, show impact

C) What is the larger impact? Do they show impact in the world? It’s not about results or numbers but bottom line if you are impacting people, they should be equally going out and impacting people. This is a perfect model of disciple ship.

3. A Leaders Role boils down to two things.

1. Its our job to tie the work of our people to the mission of our organization

2. is to get the resources to the people so they can do their job… this is not just getting material in money and tools, but also in removing barriers.

4. Be careful that you don’t let the idea of leadership go to your head. This is very easy to happen and to get hungry for things of this world.

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