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Posted by Teen Bean

a class mate of mine just let us know that she is pregnant. She has had a hard time getting pregnant and it seems like such a miracle that she is carrying a baby in her tummy. I find myself thinking of her a lot and wanting this baby to be born so badly... i never realized how special babies being born were until I became close with someone that desperately wanted a baby but had a hard time getting pregnant.

another classmate and I went over and prayed with her over the weekend and it was such a magical and intense time. to some extent we are all holding our breath that this baby will have a birthday... but at the same time my friend is brilliantly just taking each day, one at a time, and trusting God...

if you have a moment to pray for my friend and her unborn baby... we all would so appreciated the support... we are hoping on a miracle! the baby is 12- weeks... the size of a lemon!

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