joy in the midst of pain

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today I went to my classmates fiance's funeral. It was such a privilege to be a part of honoring this man of God. I only ever had the chance to meet him once, but the way my friend talked about him completing her, inspiring her, loving every bit of her personality, it was incredible.

i thought she would just talk all about what she lost... about what she didn't get to have... but it was one of the most beautiful things as my friends stood on that stage and spoke from her heart about the joy of getting to feel the ultimate fullness of love, of being honored to be in a completely deep and honoring relationship with the man that she loved, to have experienced for 7 months and to continue to experience the full extent of God's grace.

she truly was one of the most inspiring people I have been blessed to know.

I still can't wrap my head around it, and walking up to my friend afterwards and giving her a hug and a kiss was one of the most heart crushing moment... i'm still processing it all, but as we drove oh our car load was jut overwhelmed by how powerful it was to see a so many people have joy even in the midst of pain.

all those promises God has made to us, just became that much more real.

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