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its interesting being asked into a role of leadership at a church. all i know is that its very important to do things right from the beginning. the church has asked me to facilitate as they plan their mission, vision, strategy, and roles. I am really excited to serve them in this way, sense over the last two years this has been the efforts of my degree.

I also am finding it easier to gather material on this topic as I presently am writing my thesis almost on the exact same topic. I am excited by the idea of Leading them through some of the key points of what it takes to develop the local community. It is going to be an interesting journey. That is for sure.

we have our first meeting on wednesday. I have been advised not to let the meeting go longer then one hour and to have a very timely and strategic plan for our time together. for this reason my first point of conversation will focus on developing each personal leader and helping them figure out where they stand as leaders, what is important to them, how they want to serve, and what type of leader they they do not want to become.
roughly I am thinking this will come through figuring out

*what each leader's personality is
*what each leader's love language is
*identified "bad" and "good" leadership moment
*developing personal vision and mission statement.

that in and of itself is a lot of work for a first meeting... so we shall see if i keep all those things. My bottom line question is it important for leaders to enjoy each others company? is that vital to the success of strategic planning?



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